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KISAP | Kabayan Integrated System App

KISAP | Kabayan Integrated System App

The app features a collection of food services in every town within the Philippines. Users are able to download each town data using the app which enables them to go through list of different food services that caters a variety of menu which are also searchable for a much more engaging experience.

Users are able to see store details such as opening and closing, average costs, menu, reservations and more. They can also rate and add comment on a certain store that they select which will then be moderated by the store owners. Available both in Android and iOS.

As for the store owners, they are provided with an access to their page to manage and maintain their store’s content. Talk to us to start your registration!

Food Services in the Area

Anywhere you go, there’s always a food service waiting to be explored

Customer Engagement

Stores can engage their customers in different ways such as giving surveys, uploading pictures, commenting and rating

Offline Access

Once town data is downloaded, you can access all your favorite food services even without online connection!

Premium Store Features

More robust and intuitive features are available for stores looking to turn up their user engagements and make their brand stand out among the rest.